Lichen it! (an introduction to lichens)

04/27/2024 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM PT


Lichen it! (an introduction to lichens)

This workshop introduces participants to noticing, identifying, and understanding the amazing lichens that surround us in our suburban and urban ecosystems. Build your knowledge around how to identify lichens, what a lichen is (or who they are), common local lichen species, lichen ecology, and discuss the ethics of collecting fallen lichens for various uses. There will be hand lenses to use for closeup lichen viewing, as well as a free lichen ID pamphlet to assist you in becoming familiar with our lichen neighbours! This workshop will tread respectfully, and acknowledge the unceded Indigenous territory on which we are learning. We will be sitting under a covered tent outdoors, then going for a walk around the nature sanctuary. Duration: 2 hours. Class size: 10-18 people. Price: $30. All materials will be provided. If you want to purchase a hand lens, it will be an additional $15.


If cost is a barrier to attending this program, please reach out to info [at]


Accessibility information:

This program will take place outside under the large white tent at 3873 Swan Lake Rd, which is an approximate 3m walk from the parking lot. There is a lecture portion which will be seated, and a walk portion which will be along the trails and in the Native Plant Garden. There is washroom access in the Nature House nearby.

About Tasha:

Natasha (Tasha) Lavdovsky is a neurodivergent artist & amateur lichenologist, who grew up in traditional W'SANEC First Nations unceded territory. In 2009 Tasha obtained a bachelor's degree in studio art and art history from Princeton University where she also studied geology, oceanography and environmental studies. Tasha is committed to deepening her understanding of anti-colonial perspectives and environmental stewardship, which greatly informs her ecologically oriented interdisciplinary art practice. In 2023 Tasha completed an MFA degree in Intermedia studio arts, focussing on land-based public art practices and symbiosis. Tasha is a member of the Northwest Lichenologists Association spending her spare time looking at local lichens and advocating for ethical ecosystem conservation.