Marvelous Mushrooms

10/27/2023 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM PT


Did you know that humans are more closely related to Fungi than we are to any other kingdom? Or that Split Gill Fungus grows on every continent except Antarctica and has over 28,000 different sexes? Join us at the Nature Sanctuary to delve into the incredible world of fungi and their amazing roles in ecosystems and society. Whether you are a mycophile, have fungiphobia or are somewhere in between we can assure this program will prove that fungi are impressive to say the least!

This program is for beginners to this incredible kingdom and will cover identification basics, the roles and uses of fungi, the dangers of fungi and much more! This program will consist of an hour of indoor learning, followed by a 15 - 30 minute fungi stroll outside. Please note that fungi productivity is dependant on recent rainfall and the fungi near the nature house may be limited. There is no mushroom picking allowed on site.

This is an adult program for participants ages 16+
If cost is a barrier to attending this program, we offer a sliding scale to make it more accessible.